Meetcaregivers is heading to Redwood California for Startup Grind

Meetcaregivers is headed to Redwood California to exhibit our Family Care Portal during the Startup Grind Global Conference! The Startup Grind Global Conference is an annual event bringing together investors, speakers and entrepreneurs. We are excited to participate in this event and look forward to meeting new people as well as, demoing our new Family Care Portal. Learn more about our Family Care Portal at and check out the press release below to learn more about Startup Grind. 

Startup Grind Names 130 Companies to the 2018 Global Startup Exhibition 

Startup Grind: Inspiring, Educating and Connecting Entrepreneurs. 

REDWOOD CITY, CA – February 5, 2018 – Startup Grind today announced the induction of 130 Companies to the 2018 Class of Exhibiting Startups. The Startup Exhibition recognizes 130 companies handpicked from 115 countries, 400 cities around the world. Startup Grind Startup Exhibition companies are an elite group of companies whose come from countries as far away as Mauritius, Japan, Bangladesh, Australia and as close as Guatemala, Canada, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada, Washington, California and more. Startup Exhibition companies are given access to our global audience through media and onsite at annual Global Event ( held February 12th through February 14th in beautiful historic downtown Redwood City. The exhibition helps companies to accelerate their pace towards growth and success by gaining the visibility of mentors and investors in our network. “We started this program after seeing many of the Accelerators and Incubators not doing much to really help companies,” says Derek Andersen, founder & CEO of Startup Grind. “We really wanted to make an actual difference in the startups trajectory and leverage all of our resources and network to their advantage.” 

Of the 7,000 plus startups that were considered, 130 were selected representing the Startup Grind community across 115 countries. These startups have great teams, traction, technology and massive markets,” says Andersen. “Our biggest goal is for each startup to go back home with a new and improved game plan that would not have happened without the exposure of the exhibition and the mentors/resources that were gained through our network.” 

About Startup Grind 

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 founders in over 400 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 100 countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs. The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind has now hosted 2,000 fireside chats since its founding in 2010. To date, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users. Learn more at 

For more information, please contact: 

Deanna Rampton 

Startup Grind 

234 Marshall Street, Ste 8 

Redwood City, CA 

Meetcaregivers Gives Back Hundreds of Free Home Care Hours to Local Seniors

Meetcaregivers, an innovative, Massachusetts-based, home care company is giving away hundreds of hours of free home care services to seniors in needs or to families who need help caring for their aging parents during this holidays season.

Meetcaregivers was a finalist in PULSE@MassChallenge, a digital healthcare accelerator in Boston. The company matches seniors with caregivers. Their platform has video profiles of pre-screened caregivers to make it easier for families to find the perfect match for their aging parents. Meetcaregivers also has a care portal that families can use to easily track and coordinate the care of their loved ones.  The care portal also lets caregivers know about the senior’s conditions ahead of time.

Florence Furaha, the co-founder and CEO says that Meetcaregivers has received a lot of support from many local organizations such as MassChallenge and EforAll when they started the company. “As we continue to grow and service seniors, we want to make sure that we also give back to our communities.”

“We know that home care is expensive for many families. We try to make it as affordable as possible at Meetcaregivers by charging an average of $20-$25 per hour depending of the type of care that is needed. However, these rates can still be too much for many seniors who cannot afford it. We often talk and meet with seniors who need the care or could really use a companion to just keep them company or take them out for a walk, but they do not have the finances to hire a caregiver.”

With Meetcaregivers free home care program for the holidays, seniors can get at least four hours of free home care to assist them with daily activities such as bathing, housekeeping, feeding, and transportation during the holiday season without having to worry about money.  This care will also give their children, who are usually their family caregivers, a break.

“It’s our way of giving back, and our goal is to continue to find ways to give back to our communities, said Furaha. “The holiday season is a great time to start and make a difference.”

For more information, contact Meetcaregivers at 1-888-541-1136 or

Meetcaregivers Piloting New Care Portal


Sometimes people who hire caregivers feel as if they aren’t doing enough to help their aging parents. Perhaps they wish that the caregiver process was more interactive or that they could have more control over the process. That’s where our care portal comes in.

The Meetcaregivers care portal is an online app that helps families stay connected and involved in their loved one’s care. Using our care portal, clients who may not have the time to check up on their loved ones in person can easily track the senior’s care and well-being online. For example, if a client wants to know whether the senior is being cared for at the moment, he or she will be able to see whether the caregiver is clocked in or clocked out. Some clients may worry whether their loved one is taking his or her medication regularly. With the care portal, clients will be able to work with a care coordinator to create a customized care plan for their loved one and set daily tasks for caregivers to complete. After completing a set task, such as reminding the senior to take medication, caregivers will mark the task as completed on the care portal. Clients can be reassured that their loved one is in good hands, simply by checking the care portal. Furthermore, clients can set specific one-time tasks. Perhaps the senior has a doctor’s appointment scheduled on Friday or wants to go to the hair salon on Saturday. Clients can remind the caregiver about the appointment using the care portal.

Another worry that clients may have is that their caregiver doesn’t know enough about the senior. For clients with multiple caregivers, this can be a serious problem, as new caregivers need to be informed of medical conditions such as asthma or allergies. Information about medical conditions, food preferences, and hobbies can all be recorded on the care portal, so that the caregiver can quickly get to know the needs of the client. For clients with specific needs, caregivers can also record health metrics such as blood pressure and weight onto the care portal. These health metrics can be accessed by family and other authorized care team members to monitor the well-being of the senior.

Often clients and caregivers do not have the time or opportunity to directly communicate. With the notes function of the care portal, caregivers will give daily updates and report back to the client. Perhaps the senior wasn’t feeling well that day and didn’t have a good appetite. If the situation isn’t serious enough to warrant a phone call, caregivers can simply record it in the notes section, for the client to view at leisure.

We hope that this new technology will connect clients and caregivers more closely, reducing stress for families and providing better care for seniors at home.

Eight Signs that your Loved One May Need Help at Home

Assessing Your Loved One’s Needs

Have you started to wonder if it is time to hire someone to take care of an aging loved one at home? There are several signs to look for to indicate when the need for care arises.

Apart from aging, the senior may become forgetful, lonely, fearful, unsteady, poor at hygiene, or they may lose appetite or interest in what matters to them most. If your loved one seems to be having any of these symptoms, it could be time to hire a caregiver.

Have you noticed…

  1. Memory Loss or Reduced Mental Ability
  • Isn’t sure what to say in conversations
  • Forgets dates and misses appointments and commitments
  • Misses stop signs or gets lost when driving
  • Shows poor judgement or decision-making
  1. Incontinence
  • Has frequent leaks
  • Has occasional accidents
  1. Loss of Interest in What Matters to Them
  • Hardly wants to participate in the activities they love most
  • Is isolated and keeps to him or herself
  • Feels lonely or depressed
  1. Change in Eating Habits
  • Has experienced weight loss or weight gain
  • Seldom cooks like before
  • Eats too little, or eats too much unhealthy food
  1. Medication Irregularities
  • Misses medication
  • Takes the wrong medication
  1. Poor Hygiene
  • Wears dirty clothes.
  • Isn’t bathing regularly
  • Is not tending to proper oral hygiene
  1. Instability or Reduced Mobility
  • Is unsteady or off balance
  • Has experienced a recent fall
  • Is not getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, or walking like before
  • Is not getting recommended physical exercise
  1. Difference in Sleeping Patterns
  • Sleeps excessively
  • Stays awake in the night
  • Walks around the house at night
  • Is showing signs of fatigue

If some of these symptoms sound familiar, the first step is to consult a doctor to understand the causes and get appropriate treatment. If the symptoms are ongoing, it doesn’t mean that you need to relocate your loved one to a nursing home or assisted living. Home care workers can help your loved one with all of these activities and more, while providing companionship and support for them, and peace of mind for you. If you think it’s time for help, give us a call and we can talk you through your options and next steps.

Is It Time To Hire a Caregiver?

So you recently visited your mom or dad and noticed a few things weren’t quite right. Perhaps it was the empty fridge or unpaid bills lying on the table or the unusually excessive pile of dirty laundry or maybe it was the fact that they haven’t had a bath in months. Whatever the case, you no doubt left thinking “ok, I think it is time to hire a caregiver for mom and dad!”.

So what are the signs? Here are 12 tell-tale signs you may notice from your loved one:

  1. Becomes lost when driving in familiar areas but still insists on driving.
  2. Forgets to pay bills, something he or she was managing pretty well.
  3. Not recognizing the need to schedule necessary repairs around the house.
  4. Forgets or not recognizing the need to pick up mail.
  5. The trash is not disposed of.
  6. Not seeing the need to cook meals or misses to eat their meals. Outdated food is left in the refrigerator or in the cabinets for too long.
  7. Forgetting or not realizing the need to take care of personal hygiene such as wearing the same clothes daily, urine odor or poor oral hygiene.
  8. Forgetting to take medications and sometimes missing doses or overdosing by mistake. At times they call you to ask which medication they are supposed to take.
  9. Complete lack of interest in doing laundry or keeping the house clean.
  10. Has had a few falls and is unsteady on his/her feet. Going up the stairs becomes very difficult.
  11. Likes to sleep for long periods of time and is no longer interested in visiting friends and family or running usual errands or just reluctant to leave the house.
  12. Sometimes you notice the stove is left turned on and they do not exhibit the appropriate response for emergency situations.

You can start by actively looking for the signs. The danger with being passive is that the care that is eventually put in place (after a fall or hospitalization) may be done in a rush and has the potential of triggering a downward spiral on their health based on many different factors. Finding the right caregiver for any care need is vital in the healing process.